BlockEra presents at first Omaha Hyperledger Meetup


This past week, BlockEra was able to present at the first Hyperledger Meetup in Omaha. Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology.

The group, which is co-organized by Kent Landholm of First National Bank and was graciously held at Sirius Computer Solutions through Ron Faltin and featured people from across various Omaha industries interested in learning more about blockchain technology and the Hyperledger solutions.

Kyle Tut of BlockEra presented on his application, HyperProperty, from Consensus 2017 built on Hyperledger Fabric utilizing the IBM Bluemix Cloud. HyperProperty was built to showcase in a simple way how Hyperledger and blockchain technology can be used to eliminate reconciliation and middelmen overhead. To see the presentation, follow this link.

Kyle Tut