First Blockchain Development Group Meetup

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 9.05.55 AM.png

The first Blockchain Development Group meetup took place on September 13th at Fox and Hound at 120th Street in Omaha. The meetup group was formed as "a forum to connect developers, startups, and corporations and to explore advanced technical concepts and use cases to grow the blockchain community and ecosystem in Nebraska and the surrounding region."

The meetup group is already up to 129 members and had 40 people turn out to the first meeting. Subjects covered included introductions to the core organizers, blockchain 101, an introduction to  Aragon by Brian Poppe, Crypto Safety and Token Safety by Kyle Tut, and networking sponsored by BlockEra.

Core organizers include Jeff Main a board member of AIM Institute, Brian Poppe of Mutual of Omaha, Heath Roehr of PaymentSpring, Edward Weniger of Alpha Bitcoin, Dane Wyrick of Union Pacific, and Kyle Tut of BlockEra. The group looks to build on the success of it's first meetup to grow Nebraska, Lincoln, and Omaha into a hub of blockchain development and companies.

To learn more and see slides and info from the first meeting, follow this link:

Kyle Tut