Hiring: Blockchain Engineer

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BlockEra is a blockchain studio focused on building blockchain dapps internally for ourselves and externally for our clients that push the boundaries of what’s currently possible. Our team has competed and won globally at multiple blockchain hackathons. That background defines who we are moving forward.

We are looking for a blockchain engineer to join our team. This job will require back-end development (Solidity), front-end development (Web3), and the ability to build in the wild wild west of blockchain.


This position is for you if…

  • You believe in the future of a decentralized technology stack

  • You want to build in a skunkworks environment

  • You have an understanding of smart contracts, tokens, and cryptoeconomics

  • You enjoy competing in hackathons

Other minor details…

  • Competitive pay

  • Fully remote

  • Odd hours

If interested, email kyle@blockera.io with the subject line: BUIDL

Kyle Tut